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Nitronic 50 Rod Systems

In addition to our tie bar systems manufactured from a type 316L bar stock, we also offer Nitronic 50 Tie Rod Systems for applications requiring even higher break strengths and corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 is a solid tendon of high strength austenitic 22-13-5 alloy stainless steel. This alloy was developed to meet the demands for a stainless steel with higher tensile strength and better corrosion capabilities than typical 316 stainless steel. The high strength characteristics of Nitronic 50 rod make these systems ideal where high strength-to-weight ratios are needed. This allows you to minimize the diameter of the rod assemblies.

Nitronic 50 Rod

Nitronic 50 rod is sized according to the break strength in multiples of 1000lbf (i.e., -10 = 10,000 lb break strength). Unlike type 316L tie bar that is manufactured in 10-12ft lengths, Nitronic 50 rod, from -4 to -60, is available in any length. Sizes from -76 and up are available in lengths up to 36ft.

Attaching Fittings to Nitronic 50 Rod

The process for attaching fittings to Nitronic 50 rod is shown as "cold-heading", which produces a termination as strong as the rod itself. The cold-heading process forms a unique taper on the end of the rod, which seats in a preformed cavity inside the fitting.

Seco South's affiliate company, NAVTEC, produces a full range of hardware for Nitronic 50 rod systems. The hardware is manufactured on CNC equipment to the tightest of tolerances, which is what makes our rod systems second to none.

Nitronic 50 Rod Fittings

Studs for Nitronic 50 Rod

Rod studs are designed after the same distinguished styling as our Norseman swageless studs for cable. These provide an economical way to terminate a rod assembly and can be used with any of our standard turnbuckles for cable. Please refer to pages 43-49 for details on these turnbuckles. Rod studs are only available for rod sizes 4 through 22.

Turnbuckle Options for the Rod Stud

Any of our turnbuckles for cable will work with the rod stud. Simply match the thread size to any of the turnbuckles on pages 43-49 in the "Cable Fittings" section.

Fittings for Nitronic 50 Rod

The Navtec series fittings are non-adjustable. We recommend using these fittings in conjunction with the turnbuckles on page 67.

Tang Systems

Tang systems offer a clean, unobtrusive termination on a structure. These systems are designed to be inserted into a tube section, but work equally as well fastened through other components. They can also be surface mounted. The rod assembly attaches to the Tang by using a rod stem ball fitting at one end and a #C651 style stem ball turnbuckle at the opposite end. The fittings can articulate in the Tang assembly as much as 35 degrees.

Tip Cup Connectors

Tip cup connectors are designed to suit a wide range of high performance applications. The tip cup is designed to terminate multiple rod assemblies at one point. This type of connection is ideal for various tensile structures, especially glazed curtain wall projects. The rods terminate in the tip cup by using a stem ball at one end of the assembly and a stem ball turnbuckle at the opposite end.

Turnbuckles for Nitronic 50 Rod

The Navtec series turnbuckles are engineered for use specifically with rod rigging systems. The ultra high strength and corrosion resistance make these turnbuckles ideal for any project that requires these characteristics.

C550: Available for sizes -4 through -400

The C550 turnbuckle is a fully machined body with a toggle fork. The nickel-plated center tensioning screw prevents galling and allows for ease of adjustment under load.

C560: Available for sizes -4 through -400

The C560 turnbuckle is the same as the C550 but with an eye end instead of a toggle fork end.

C651: Available for sizes -4 through -78

The C651 turnbuckle is designed to work with our tip cup connectors (pg. 66). The body is chrome plated bronze and the stem ball style head screw is Nitronic 50.

C882: Available for sizes -4 through -60

The C882 turnbuckle is designed to be installed mid span of the rod. This allows smaller end terminations to be used where larger turnbuckles may not fit.

C890 Toggle: Available for sizes -8 through -91

The C890 toggle fork turnbuckle is the best choice for a high strength turnbuckle that is light weight. The turnbuckle is calibrated and has no visible threads or nuts which makes for an attractive design.

C890 Eye: Available for sizes -8 through -115

The C890 eye is the same as the C890 toggle but without the toggle fork.

Interesting fact: Nitronic 50 rods designed and manufactured in conjunction with tripyramid structures are used to support the pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Nitronic 50 Rod System 2000 - Solid Nitronic 50 Rod Systems Nitronic 50 Rod Fittings Studs and Turnbuckle Options for Rod Stud Fittings For Nitronic 50 Rod #G100 Eye and #H100 Fork #H200 Toggle Fork and Tang Systems Tip Cup Connectors Rod Stemball and #C651 Turnbuckle Turnbuckles Fo Nitronic 50 Rod C550, C560, C651, C882, C890 Toggle, and C890 Eye